Finest Quality Pricing Labels (12 Roll Box) 7200 Labels

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Finest Quality Branded Pricing Labels- 7200 Labels FREE Ireland Delivery.

At Discount Till Rolls, we understand the importance of providing our customers with the highest quality products. These thermal labels are designed specifically for weighing scale receipts and come pre-printed with red lines and text including "Price per KG", "Use By", "Weight/Kg", and "Price" (please refer to product image for reference). Each roll has 600 labels, providing you with an ample amount to keep your weighing scale receipts organized and professional. Sold in boxes of 12 rolls, you'll have a total of 7200 labels to ensure your scales printer is always fed. The labels measure 38mm x 70mm and have a 38mm core. Don't wait any longer, order today and keep your scales printer running smoothly.


 ✔  Finest Quality Scales Labels are thermal adhesive labels for weighing scale receipts

 ✔  Each label is pre-printed with red lines and text for a professional and organized look

 ✔  600 labels per roll and 12 rolls per pack for a total of 7200 labels 

 ✔  Label size of 38mm x 70mm with a 38mm core, specifically designed for weighing scale receipts

 ✔  Easy to use and separates each label for easy organization and tracking

 ✔  Perfect solution for any business to keep track of weighing scale receipts

 ✔  Order now and experience the difference with our high-quality, professional labels


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