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1 Ply (Dust Free)

High Quality, Low Cost dust free paper rolls with " Free Next Day Delivery ".

This page contains single ply till rolls (Non thermal) made for cash registers and impact kitchen printers. The 1ply till roll paper we use is dust free and made from heat resistant premium Grade-A paper. Grade-A paper rolls use printer ink ribbons to give a high-contrast print on a brilliant white paper receipt roll making the text easier to read for kitchen staff and looks more impressive to your customers. Our 1 ply paper till rolls are also resistant to both the humidity of a busy kitchen, and resistant to the grease stains from the hands of the kitchen staff. The perfect 1 ply paper rolls to protect the sensitive print heads of your cash registers and kitchen printer.
Cheap 1 ply paper rolls are normally an off-white to a brownish colour, which will create dust from continuous use and will eventually damage the printer heads of your kitchen printer.
Never mind the time and costs involved in installing a new printer, but can you imagine this happening at your busiest time, the negative affects this would have on both, the smooth running of your kitchen and the follow through experience of your dining customers.
Can your business afford the Negative Feedback this could cause, all because you saved a few €uro on cheap 1ply till rolls?

If you are not sure which cash register / kitchen printer till rolls you need, Check out our search box feature above , Skype Me™! or Ph: +353 (0)1 4433964 and we will be more than happy to help you find what you require.


  • Save 15%
40.00 ($40.00) 33.99 ($33.99) (41.81 ($41.81) inc tax)
44x70mm Dust Free Paper Rolls ..
  • Save 15%
26.00 ($26.00) 21.99 ($21.99) (27.05 ($27.05) inc tax)
57x55 Dust Free Paper Rolls ..
  • Save 29%
41.99 ($41.99) 29.99 ($29.99) (36.89 ($36.89) inc tax)
24.99 ($24.99) (30.74 ($30.74) inc tax)
44x44 Grade A Paper Rolls ..
  • Save 52%
52.00 ($52.00) 24.99 ($24.99) (30.74 ($30.74) inc tax)
89x76mm Fuel Pump Paper Rolls ..
  • Save 23%
65.00 ($65.00) 49.99 ($49.99) (61.49 ($61.49) inc tax)
57x40  Bond Paper Rolls ..
  • Save 48%
52.00 ($52.00) 26.99 ($26.99) (33.20 ($33.20) inc tax)