Bizerba 58mm x 80m Linerless Scales Labels (12 Rolls)

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Bizerba compatible 58mm x 80 meters Linerless XC Deli Scales Labels (12 Roll Box) 

Our Bizerba liner-free scale labels are a must-have for any deli, bakery, or grocery department. These high-quality labels meet or exceed all Bizerba factory specifications, ensuring they work seamlessly with your weigh scales. They are also compatible with Bizerba KH100 or similar models, making them a versatile choice for your business.

One of the standout features of our liner-free labels is their ability to maximize the amount of information shown on each label while using minimal paper. You can print all necessary product information, such as the product name, price, ingredient list, and nutrition facts, on a single label. Plus, each roll includes approximately 70% more paper than traditional labels, resulting in fewer roll changes and less waste.

These liner-free labels are also extremely flexible in their use and are optimized for use with a Bizerba liner-free printer with or without a cutter. This makes them a convenient and efficient choice for your business.

Bizerba Linerless continuous scales labels


Bizerba 58mm x 80m Linerless Continuous Scale Label

  •  ✔  Width: 58mm
  •  ✔  Length: 80 Meters per Roll
  •  ✔  Easy and efficient to swap out
  •  ✔  No label wastage
  •  ✔  No backing paper wastage
  •  ✔  Rolls Per Carton: 12
  •  ✔  Colors: Blank Stock



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