850ml Lunchipak Kraft Food Boxes & Lids: Sustainable Packaging Solutions (160 per case)

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Premium Kraft Windowed Takeaway Boxes: Elevate Your Food Packaging Game (160 per case)

Unlock the Potential of Kraft Windowed Takeaway Boxes for Your Business:

Introducing a packaging solution that seamlessly merges convenience with sustainability – our Kraft windowed takeaway boxes. Whether it's sizzling hot dishes, refreshing salads, hearty pies, or delectable sweet treats, these boxes with a generous 850ml capacity have got you covered.

Preserve Freshness: With a specialized grease-resistant lining, your culinary creations stay as irresistible as when they were made, ensuring every bite delivers satisfaction to your customers.

Showcase with Clarity: Experience a packaging innovation through the crystal-clear windows made from Bioplastic cellulose acetate. Beyond just presentation, these windows signify your dedication to sustainable and visually appealing packaging.

Versatile and Practical: Embrace convenience as the microwavable feature makes reheating a breeze. These Kraft windowed takeaway boxes cater to both hot and cold food items, adapting seamlessly to your menu.

Eco-Friendly Statement: By opting for these fully recyclable boxes, you’re not just elevating your business but also making a positive impact on the environment. Your commitment to sustainable choices will resonate with conscious consumers.

Effortless Supply: With a remarkable 160 boxes per case, you're empowered to meet customer demand with ease. Originating from a reputable Irish company, these boxes come with the added benefit of Free Ireland Delivery.

Elevate Your Brand: Showcase your brand's values through packaging. When you choose our Kraft windowed takeaway boxes, you're not only enhancing your food's appeal but also reflecting your commitment to quality and environmental responsibility.

Discover the fusion of aesthetics, functionality, and eco-consciousness with our Kraft windowed takeaway boxes. Transform your food business and join the movement towards sustainable packaging solutions today.

 ✔   Eco Friendly

 ✔   Sturdy kraft board with a grease-resistant ling

 ✔   100% Recyclable

 ✔   100% Compostable

 ✔   Capacity 850ml

 ✔   Large Window to view food presentation

 ✔  160 boxes per pack


    Eco Friendly Recyclable Compostable Box

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