1200ml Lunchipak Compostable paper Food boxes & lids (160)

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1200ml Premium Kraft Windowed Takeaway Boxes: Elevate Your Food Packaging (160 per case)

Versatile and Sustainable Kraft Windowed Takeaway Boxes for Every Culinary Delight

Introducing our premium Kraft windowed takeaway boxes, meticulously designed to preserve the freshness of hot & cold food, delightful sweet treats, and convenient bites to go. Crafted from sustainably sourced FSC-certified kraft board, these boxes reflect your commitment to eco-conscious packaging.

Uncompromised Quality: Grease-Resistant Lining and Clear Bioplastic Windows

Discover the ingenuity of our multi-purpose food boxes, fortified with a genius grease-resistant lining that keeps your culinary creations appetizingly intact. The clear bioplastic windows, made from bioplastic cellulose acetate, elegantly showcase your dishes while preserving their pristine appeal.

Exceptional Functionality: Perfect for Various Cuisines

Experience versatility with the ample 1200ml capacity of our Kraft takeaway boxes, meticulously designed to serve an array of dishes. From crisp salads to hearty pastas, and from savory pies to piping-hot meals, these boxes enhance presentation and preservation, underlining your culinary mastery.

Convenience Redefined: Microwave-Safe and Fully Recyclable

Embrace the ultimate convenience with our expertly crafted takeaway boxes, microwave-safe and catering to both hot and chilled foods. By choosing these boxes, you actively participate in a greener world, as they are fully recyclable, aligning perfectly with your sustainable endeavors.

Elevate Your Brand Image

Our Kraft windowed takeaway boxes aren't just containers; they're a statement of your dedication to quality and sustainability. By choosing these boxes, you effortlessly communicate your commitment to delivering exceptional culinary experiences while minimizing your ecological footprint.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Present your creations in a way that tantalizes the senses. The clear windows let customers feast their eyes on your delectable offerings, enhancing their anticipation and driving satisfaction even before the first bite.

Expand Your Menu Horizons

With an impressive 850ml capacity, these boxes are your canvas to explore diverse culinary creations. From gourmet salads to delectable pastries, you have the freedom to expand your menu and cater to a wider audience.

Deliver with Confidence

The grease-resistant lining ensures that your dishes arrive in impeccable condition, preserving their taste, texture, and presentation. Your customers will relish the same restaurant-quality experience in the comfort of their own space.

Order your batch of premium Kraft windowed takeaway boxes today and unlock a world of culinary possibilities that cater to both taste and values. Join us in redefining food packaging as an art that delights, sustains, and satisfies.

 ✔   Eco Friendly

 ✔   Sturdy kraft board with a grease-resistant ling

 ✔   100% Recyclable

 ✔   100% Compostable

 ✔   Capacity 1200ml

 ✔   Large Window to view food presentation

 ✔  160 boxes per pack


    Eco Friendly Recyclable Compostable Box

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