Cupcake Box With 6 Inserts 242x165x75mm

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Elevate Cupcake Presentation with Our Cupcake Boxes with Inserts (125 per case)

Practical and Eco-Friendly Solutions for Your Baked Delights

Introducing our Cupcake Box with 6 Inserts (242 x 165 x 75mm) – an exceptional choice for ensuring the safety and visual appeal of your cupcakes. Each box comes with 6 inserts, guaranteeing secure cupcake placement during transit or display. With 125 cupcake boxes per pack, convenience and reliability are at your fingertips.

A Fusion of Practicality and Sustainability

Elevate your dessert packaging game with six-hole insert cupcake boxes that combine functionality and aesthetics. Engineered with precision, these boxes feature inserts that ensure the structural integrity of your baked treats throughout presentation and delivery. Should the need arise, the inserts can be effortlessly removed to accommodate a single, larger cake – a testament to versatility.

Crafted from paperboard, both the cupcake boxes and windows champion an eco-friendly approach. Following use, recycling these materials mitigates waste, steering clear of detrimental landfill sites. This environmentally conscious mindset resonates with contemporary sustainable practices.

Enhancing Visual Allure

Amplifying the attractiveness of your cakes, the large, high-clarity windows within these cupcake boxes offer a visual treat. Whether for personal enjoyment or professional ventures, these boxes exude an air of refinement.

Make the Choice for Excellence

Pledge allegiance to first-rate dessert presentation and eco-friendliness encapsulated within our Cupcake Box with 6 Inserts. Revolutionize the way you showcase and transport your cupcakes. From practicality to environment-consciousness, it's a decision that reverberates positively.

Elevating Your Cupcake Presentation

Experience a new level of dessert presentation excellence with our Cupcake Box with 6 Inserts. Beyond securing your cupcakes during transport and display, these boxes bring a host of benefits that cater to your convenience and creativity.

1. Impeccable Preservation: Our cupcake inserts ensure your delicacies stay in pristine condition, free from damage or distortion. Your creations will captivate eyes and taste buds alike.

2. Packaging Versatility: While designed for cupcakes, these boxes offer adaptability. Simply remove the inserts to accommodate single, larger cakes. Flexibility at its finest.

3. Environmentally Responsible: Join the movement towards sustainability. By choosing these eco-friendly boxes, you contribute to reducing waste and promoting a greener tomorrow.

4. Efficient Storage: With 125 cupcake boxes in each pack, you have a compact and organized solution for storing and transporting your baked goods.

5. Professional Presentation: The high-clarity windows showcase your cupcakes with elegance, making them irresistible to those who lay their eyes upon them.

6. Customer Delight: Offering your treats in these premium boxes adds a layer of professionalism that enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Choose our Cupcake Box with 6 Inserts to encapsulate your baked creations in a world of benefits. Elevate your cupcakes to a level that resonates beyond taste – one that showcases your dedication to quality, creativity, and a greener planet.

Enjoy the Convenience: Benefit from Free Ireland Delivery on your order, making your experience even sweeter.

These cake boxes come in various sizes including: 6x6", 8x8", 10x10", 12x12"

 ✔   Eco Friendly

 ✔   Recyclable

 ✔   Kind to the environment when disposed correctly

 ✔   Size: 242x165x75mm

 ✔   125 Boxes per case

 ✔   FREE Delivery!

 Eco Friendly Recyclable

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