10 x 10 x4" White Folding Cake Box (100 per case)

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Introducing Our Premium 10x10x4" White Folding Cake Boxes for All Your Baking Needs (100 per case)

Looking for the ultimate solution to keep your delicious cakes safe while you're on the move? Your search ends here with our exceptional 10'' cake boxes. Designed meticulously to cater to your bakery's requirements, these versatile cake boxes offer unmatched convenience and protection for your baked creations.

Perfect for "To-Go" Delicacies and Effortless Transport

In the dynamic realm of bakeries, coffee shops, and delicatessens, our plain white 10'' folding cake boxes are indispensable assets. Tailored meticulously for cakes, tarts, and a delightful assortment of scones and pastries, these boxes cater to all your culinary endeavors. Their compact and easily assembled flat-packed design ensures seamless storage, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – delighting your customers with mouthwatering treats.

Supreme Shielding for Your Baked Masterpieces

Experience the peace of mind offered by our cardboard cake box by PME. Engineered from sturdy cardboard, this box provides robust protection for your cakes, biscuits, doughnuts, cream cakes, muffins, and scones during transit. Its sturdy construction shields your delicate creations from impacts and jolts, minimizing the risk of any mishaps while preserving their impeccable presentation.

Efficient Storage Solution for Your Bakery

Struggling with limited storage space in your bakery? Our flat-packed cake boxes are the solution you need. Designed to optimize space usage, these boxes are ideal for small bakeries seeking efficient storage solutions. With these boxes at your disposal, you can make the most of your cupboard space while fulfilling your packaging needs.

Swift Assembly for Prompt Service

Time is of the essence in the food industry, and our cake boxes are tailored to meet that demand. Quick and hassle-free assembly ensures you spend less time on logistics and more time wowing your customers. Serve your culinary creations swiftly and efficiently, leaving a lasting mark on your patrons.

Environmentally Conscious Choice with Free Ireland Delivery

We value sustainability just as much as you do. That's why our cake boxes aren't only designed to protect your delicacies; they're also designed to protect the environment. Crafted from food-safe, recyclable cardboard, they uphold hygiene standards while also being environmentally conscious. And the added bonus? Enjoy free delivery across Ireland, enhancing your experience even further.

Ready to take your cake transportation to the next level? Order our 10x10x4" White Folding Cake Boxes today and revolutionize the way you serve and safeguard your culinary masterpieces. Your cakes deserve the utmost care – and that's precisely what we deliver.

Elevate Your Cake Presentation with 10'' Cake Boxes – Unmatched Protection and Convenience

When it comes to showcasing your baking prowess, every detail matters. That's why our 10'' cake boxes are your secret ingredient to a seamless presentation and hassle-free transport. Imagine the convenience of effortlessly storing and carrying your delicate creations, knowing they're shielded against any mishaps.

Preserve Perfection: Our 10'' cake boxes ensure your cakes, pastries, and treats arrive in the same impeccable condition they left your kitchen. No more worries about bumps or bruises during transit – your culinary masterpieces will shine like stars.

Effortless Elegance: Crafted for convenience, our 10'' cake boxes are a breeze to assemble, making sure your focus remains on delighting your customers. Effortlessly assemble and pack your creations, exuding an air of professionalism that leaves a lasting impression.

Smooth Transport: Whether you're headed across town or to an event, our 10'' cake boxes offer a stress-free journey for your baked goods. Say goodbye to the anxiety of transporting delicate confections – with our boxes, your treats arrive safely and ready to dazzle.

Versatility at Its Best: Beyond cakes, our 10'' cake boxes are designed to accommodate an array of pastries, tarts, scones, and more. Experience the flexibility of a single packaging solution that adapts to your ever-changing culinary creations.

Boost Your Brand: Showcasing your delectable creations in our branded 10'' cake boxes speaks volumes about your commitment to quality. Elevate your brand's image while ensuring your goods stay fresh and inviting.

Celebrate Sustainability: With our eco-friendly materials and recyclable design, our 10'' cake boxes make both your conscience and customers happy. Be a part of the sustainable movement while delivering joy through your baked delights.

Step up your cake game with our premium 10'' cake boxes – where protection, convenience, and elegance converge. Secure your order today and let your culinary creations shine brighter than ever before.

Order Now for a Seamless Cake Experience!

These cake boxes come in various sizes including: 6x6", 8x8", 12x12" and also a Cupcake box

 ✔   Eco Friendly

 ✔   Recyclable

 ✔   Kind to the environment when disposed correctly

 ✔   Size: 10 x 10 x4"

 ✔   100 Boxes per case

 ✔   FREE Delivery!

 Eco Friendly Recyclable

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