44x70 Thermal Till Rolls (40 Roll Box)

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44mm x 70mm Thermal Paper Rolls BPA Free (40 Roll Box) with Free Ireland Delivery.

Protect Your Cash Register and Save Money

At Discount Till Rolls, we know that using high-quality cash register rolls is essential to protect your cash register's print heads and ensure optimal performance. That's why we manufacture our 44x70mm cash register rolls with "Epson / NCR / IBM / AXIOHM Approved Thermal Paper" only. Low-quality till rolls can wear out your printer's print heads faster and leave behind dust that can damage the printer and its sensors, leading to costly print head replacements or even a need for a new machine.

High-Quality and Eco-Friendly Thermal Paper Rolls

Our thermal paper rolls are made with high-quality materials to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance. In addition to offering excellent performance, our cash register rolls have an eco-friendly paper core that helps reduce plastic waste in our environment. We are committed to sustainability and doing our part to help preserve our planet.

Wholesale Thermal Paper Rolls with Free Delivery in Ireland

We offer 44x70mm thermal till rolls wholesale at affordable prices. Our 40-roll boxes are perfect for businesses that need to purchase in bulk. Plus, we provide FREE next day delivery throughout Ireland, making it easy for you to get the thermal paper rolls you need when you need them.

Get Your High-Quality Thermal Paper Rolls Now

Visit our Till Roll Warehouse to purchase our high-quality, low-cost thermal paper rolls wholesale. Our products are backed by OEM approval, ensuring you get the best quality thermal rolls for your cash register. Don't compromise on quality, protect your cash register and save money by using our thermal paper rolls.

 ✔  OEM approved thermal paper

 ✔   Size 44x70mm

 ✔   Quantity: 40 rolls per box

 ✔  Protects print heads from damage

 ✔  Prevents fading of receipts

 ✔  Eco-Friendly paper core to reduce plastic waste

 ✔  Free Ireland Delivery

If you are not sure which Thermal Receipt Rolls you need Check out our Quick Find feature above. Or Skype Me™! , Ph: +353 (0)1 4433964 and we will be more than happy to help you find what you require.


44x70mm KT60 (RE00153) Thermal Till Rolls suitable for the following printers:


Casio 208SR
Casio 21ER
Casio 22ER
Casio 25ER
Casio 26ER
Casio 3604ER
Casio 3608ER
Casio 3704ER
Casio 3708ER
Casio 3804ER
Casio 3808ER
Casio 3900ER
Casio 3904ER
Casio 3908ER
Casio 4600ER
Casio 4612ER
Casio 4620ER
Casio 4630ER
Casio 4630ER



Casio 4800ER
Casio 4800ER
Casio 4812ER
Casio 4812ER
Casio 4820ER
Casio 4830ER
Casio 4912ER
Casio 4930ER
Casio 7000SR
Casio 7100SR
Casio 7200SR
Casio 7300SR
Casio 7500SR
Casio 85R
Casio TK2000
Casio 200SR
Casio 204SR

Geller ET-6800
Geller MP2-T
Olivetti CRF-4050T
Olivetti CRF-4080

Samsung ER-420M
Sharp ER-A410
Sharp ER-A420
Sharp ER-A450
Sharp ER-A490
Sharp ER-A670
TEC 1650
Toshiba FS-1455
Toshiba FS-1655
Toshiba Ma-1655
Uniwell SX6700
Uniwell SX7000
Uniwell SX8000
Uniwell UX70
Uniwell UX7000


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