Actia FlexTach Tachograph Rolls (6 Boxes - 18 Rolls)

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Actia SmarTach ADR (E2 29) Digital EU Approved Tachograph Rolls (6 Boxes / 3 Rolls per box)

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Each roll is individually foil wrapped and supplied in boxes of three rolls.

Quantity: 6 Boxes (18 Rolls) 12 Boxes (36 Rolls) 18 Boxes (54 Rolls) 24 Boxes (72 Rolls) 48 Boxes (144 Rolls)  
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Discount Till Rolls Actia SmarTach ADR (E2 29) tachograph rolls are fully EU approved and are manufactured from premium grade, scratch resistant, top coated thermal paper. Fully compliant with revised EC regulation 1266/2009, implemented from the 1st October 2011. By using only EU approved Tachograph Rolls you will protect the print heads on your printer from damage. Our paper offers 10 years stability of image and printability and incorporates very good resistance against heat, plasticizers, oil, fat and water, extreme temperatures, which rise up to 90° in glove boxs or on the dashboard. Printouts on our quality paper remain perfect - even when exposed to everyday substances such as diesel fuel, motor oil and water. Replacing print heads on your printer can be nearly as expensive as buying a new machine. Cheaper tachograph rolls will wear out the print heads faster and will leave dust to clog up your printer and damage your print heads and printer sensors. In these cases cheaper is not always better the only answer is - High Quality, Low Cost Tachograph Thermal Rolls from Discount Till Rolls. 


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  • EU Approved Tachograph Rolls
  • Free UK & Ireland Next Day Deliivery
  • Supplied 3 Rolls Per Pack
  • 18 Rolls Per Box