57x32mm Zebra DT Labels | 800262-125 (Box of 12)

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57 x 32mm Direct Thermal Labels (12 Rolls). Direct Thermal, High Performance Coated, All-Temp Adhesive, 25mm Core Free Ireland Delivery.


These coated direct thermal paper labels with a permanent adhesive feature a perforation between labels for easy tear-off. They are designed to provide optimal image quality, making them ideal for high-speed printing applications where premium print quality is important. The labels are recommended for a wide range of applications, such as product and sample labeling, and have good performance at low temperatures for applications such as chilled food labeling. However, they are not recommended for long-term exposure to sunlight or extreme heat.

Direct Thermal Printing:

These premium paper labels use direct thermal printing, which uses chemically treated, heat-sensitive media that blackens when it passes under the thermal print-head. Direct thermal printers have no ink, toner, or ribbon, making them durable and easy to use. They also cost less to operate than other types of printers. However, thermal media images may fade over time, and if the label is overexposed to heat, light, or other catalysts, the material will darken and make the text or bar code unreadable. For these reasons, direct thermal printing is not used for lifetime identification applications.


These Zebra Z-Select 2000D labels are recommended for a wide range of applications, including shipping labels, product and sample labeling, patient and visitor identification, receipts, and ticket printing. However, the readability of direct thermal labels, wristbands, and receipt papers varies greatly depending on usage conditions.

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Application: Direct Thermal Brand: DTR
Labels/roll: 2100 Number: 800261-125
Core: 25mm Type: 2000D
Dimensions: 57mm x 32mm (w x h) No. of rolls:

 No Ribbon Required


800262-125  Zebra 57x32mm Z-Select 2000D Direct Thermal Labels . www.DiscountTillRolls.com





800262-125  Zebra 57x32mm Z-Select 2000D Direct Thermal Labels . www.DiscountTillRolls.com

2100 Labels per roll

 800262-405 Zebra 57x102mm Z-Select 2000D Direct Thermal Labels . www.DiscountTillRolls.com

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Direct Thermal Labels 57x32mm can be used with the printers listed below and a wide range of other printers.

Zebra LP 2824, Zebra LP 2824-Z,, Zebra LP2844, Zebra TLP3842, Zebra TLP2844, Zebra TLP3844-Z, Zebra LP2844-Z, Zebra GK420d, Zebra GK420t, Zebra TLP2844-Z, Zebra GX420d, Zebra GX420t, Zebra GX430t, Zebra GC420d, Zebra GC420t, Zebra TLP 2824, Zebra ZD220 DT, Zebra ZD230 DT, Zebra ZD410, Zebra LP2824, ZebraTLP2824Plus, Zebra ZD420 DT,Zebra ZD620 DT, Zebra GK420d, Zebra GX420d, ZebraGC420d, Citizen CL-S521, Citizen CL-S6621, Citizen CL-S631, Citizen CL P521, Citizen CLP621, Citizen CLP631, Citizen CL-E300, Citizen CL-E303, Citizen CL-E321, Citizen CL-E331, Citizen CL-S6621,Toshiba Tec B-FV4D. Toshiba Tec B-FV4T, Toshiba Tec B-EV4D, Toshiba Tec B-EV4T, Brother TD-2020, Brother TD-2120N, Brother TD-2130N, Brother TD-4410D, Brother TD-4420DN, Brother TD-4520DN, Brother TD-4550DNWB, Brother TD-4420TN, Brother TD-4520TN, TSC TDP-225, TSC TTP-225, TSC TDP-324, TSC TTP-323, TSC TX200, TSC TX300, TSC TX600, TSC TTP-247, TSC TTP-345, TSC TC200, TSC TC210, TSC TC300, TSC TC310, TSC TE200, TSC TE210, TSC TE300, TSC TE310, TSC TTP-244CE, TSC TDP-247, TSC TDP-345, TSC DA210, TSC DA220, TSC DA310, TSC DA320, TSC TDP-244, TSC ML240P, TSC ML340P, GoDEX DT2X, GoDEX RT200, GoDEX 230, GoDEX RT200i, GoDEX RT230i, GoDEX GE300, GoDEX GE330, GoDEX G300, GoDEX G330, GoDEX DT4X, GoDEX RT700, GoDEX RT730, GoDEX RT700i, GoDEX RT730i, GoDEX EZ120, GoDEX EZ130, GoDEX G500, GoDEX G530, GoDEX RT863i, Honeywell PC23d EClass Mark III, Honeywell DT EClass Mark III, Honeywell TT PC42d, Honeywell TT PC42d, Honeywell PC43d, SATO WS2 CG208/CG212, SATO DT CG208, SATO CG408. SATO CG412 DT, SATO CG408, SATO CG412 TT, SATO WS408, SATO WS412 DT, SATO WS408, SATO WS412 TT, Avery Dennison: 9416 XL TD, Avery Dennison 9416 XL TT; Bixolon Samsung: SRP-770, Bixolon Samsung SRP 770 II Bixolon Samsung SLP-D 420, Bixolon Samsung SLP-T 400; Carl Valentin: Micra Citizen Series: CLP 521, CLP 621, CLP 631, CL-5700, CL-5700R, CL-P8301, CL-P1001; Datamax: E-4203 DT, Datamax E-4203 TT, Datamax E-4204-DT, E-4204-TT, E-4304-TT, Ex2; Eltron: LP2642, LP2742, TLP2642, TLP2742; Godex: EZPi1200, EZPi1300; Intermec: Easycoder C4, Easycoder PC4, Easycoder PF8 Metapace: L-1, L-2; Toshiba: B-SA4TM 200, Toshiba B-SA4TM 300, Toshiba TEC B-SV4D, Toshiba TEC B-SV4T TSC: TDP-244, TDP-247, TTP-244, TTP-245C; Zebra: DA402, GK 420d / t, GX 420d / t, GX 430t, LP2642, TLP / LP2742, LP / TLP 2844, TLP / LP 2824, TLP / LP 2824 plus, TLP 3844, TLP 3842, S4M.