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Star 2868DN High Density Nylon Cassette Ink Ribbons. Free Ireland Next Day Delivery 


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Quantity Delivered in Packs of 5 Ribbons Price Per Ribbon
1  5  Ribbons €7.99 each 
2+ 10 Ribbons €7.50 each
3+ 15 Ribbons €6.95 each
4+ 20 Ribbons €6.50 each
5+ 25 Ribbons €5.95 each
6+ 30 Ribbons €5.50 each


STAR 2868DN. This Compatible Ribbon Can Be Used On Both 9 Pin And 24 pin Dot Matrix Printers But Only On Models Listed below:

Star FR10,
Star FR-10,
Star FR15,
Star FR-15,
Star LC2410,
Star LC24-10,
Star LC-15,
Star LC15,
Star LC24-15,
Star LC2415,
Star LC24-20,
Star LC2420,
Star LC2440,

Star LC24-40,
Star LC24-100,
Star LC24100,
Star LC24-200,
Star LC24200,
Star LC24-300,
Star LC24300,
Star LC7211,
Star LC-7211,
Star LC8211,
Star LC8211,
Star NX24-10,
Star NX2410,
Star NX1500,
Star NX-1500,
Star NX1520,
Star NX-1520,
Star NX2400,
Star NX-2400,
Star NX2410,
Star NX-2410,
Star NX2415,
Star NX-2415,
Star NX2420,
Star NX-2420,
Star NX2430,
Star NX-2430,
Star NX2460,
Star NX-2460,
Star NX2480,
Star NX-2480,
Star X24,
Star X24CL,
Star X9,
Star XB24-10,
Star XB2410,
Star XB24-15,
Star XB2415,
Star XB2420,

Star XB24-200,
Star XB2425,
Star XB24-250,
Star XB24250,
Star Z24,
Star Z-24,
Star ZA200,
Star ZA-200,
Star ZA250,
Star ZA-250,



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