IR93 Cash Register Ink Roller (3 Pack)

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IR93 Ink Rollers - PC545 - MR9871 - 9871IR. Free Ireland Next Day Delivery


Due to the delivery costs all our ink ribbon cassettes and ink rollers are sold in packs of 3 or 5 to enable us to continue with our policy of free delivery on every item.


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Quantity Delivered in Packs of 3 Rollers Price Per Ribbon
1 3   Rollers €9.99 each 
2+ 6   Rollers €9.49 each
3+ 9   Rollers €8.99 each
4+ 12 Rollers €8.49 each
5+ 15 Rollers €7.99 each
6+ 18 Rollers €7.49 each


IR93 Ink Roller (-) suitable for the following printers:

BMC International CR760, BMC International CR-760V,
Casio CE 2300, Casio CE2300, Casio CE-2300, Casio CE 2350, Casio CE2350, Casio CE-2350, Casio CE 2400, Casio CE2400, Casio CE-2400, Casio CE 7215, Casio CE7215, Casio CE-7215,
Epson CR 510, Epson CR510, Epson CR-510, Epson CR 700, Epson CR700 Epson CR-700, Epson CR 750, Epson CR750, Epson CR-750, Epson CR 760, Epson CR760, Epson CR-760,
Fujitsu G810, Fujitsu G820, Fujitsu G-810, Fujitsu G-820,
Geller 1204, Geller NT-2108 Geller NT-2324 Geller EX-300, Geller EX300, Geller NT2108, Geller NT2324,
Konic Electr. SR-3020, Konic Electr SR3020, Konic Electr SR 3020,
NCR MA-305 MA305, NCR MA-315 MA315,
Nikko NK-300, Nikko NK300,
Noris N1000, Noris N432,
Olympia CM-1712, Olympia CM1712, Olympia CM-1736, Olympia CM1736
Omron RS 2410, Omron RS2410, Omron RS-2410,
Royal 8150 nt, Royal 8150 nx, Royal 8160 nt, Royal 8160 nx, Royal CMS-8150 NX, Royal CMS8150 NX,Royal CMS-8160 NX, Royal CMS8160 NX, Royal CMS-8250, Royal CMS8250,
Sharp ER-A250, Sharp ERA250, Sharp ER-A310, Sharp ERA310, Sharp ER-1970,Sharp ER1970,
Swintec SW 2140 SW2140
Tec MA230, TEC MA290 TEC MA 305, TEC MA305, TEC MA 305 R, TEC MA305 R, TEC MA 315, TEC MA315, TEC MA-80, TEC MA-115, TEC MA-128, TEC MA-132, TEC MA-133, TEC MA-134, TEC MA-135, TEC MA-136, TEC MA-205, TEC MA-206, TEC MA-215, TEC MA-216, TEC MA-227, TEC MA-229, TEC MA-306,
Towa F1-200, Towa F1200, Towa GEO F1-200, Towa NT 2108, Towa NT 2324,
Triumph Adler CMS-8200, Triumph Adler CMS8200 Plus Many More


IR93 Ink Roller Kilkenny

IR93 Ink Roller Tralee,

IR93 Ink Roller Athlone,

IR93 Ink Roller Cobh,

IR 93 Ink Roller Cork,

IR93 Ink Roller Ireland,

IR93 Ink Roller Ireland,

IR93 Ink Roller Limerick,

IR93 Ink Roller Kerry,

IR93 Ink Roller Waterford,

IR93 Ink Roller Edinburgh,

IR93 Ink Roller Dundee,

IR93 Ink Roller Scotland,

Buy 9871IR Ink Roller Luton,

9871IR Ink Roller Dover,

9871IR Ink Roller Dundee,

9871IR Ink Roller Sheffield,

IR93 Ink Roller Dublin,

IR93 Ink Roller Belfast,

IR93 Ink Roller Lisburn,

IR93 Ink Roller Derry,

IR93 Ink Rollers Manchester,

Buy IR93 Ink Roller UK,

IR93 Ink Roller York,

9871IR Ink Roller UK,

IR93 Ink Roller Liverpool,

IR93 Ink Roller Glasgow,

IR93 Ink Roller Swansea.

BPA Free Thermal Rolls Ayr.

Buy IR93 Ink Roller Exeter,

Buy IR93 Ink Roller Aberdeen,

Buy 9871IR Ink Roller Maidstone,

9871IR Ink Roller Cheltenham,

9871IR Ink Roller Derby,

9871IR Ink Roller Lincoin,

IR93 Ink Roller UK,

IR93 Ink Roller UK & Ireland,

IR93 Ink Rollers Leeds,

Buy IR93 Ink Roller Chester,

IR93 Ink Roller Middlesbrough,

9871IR Ink Roller Grimsby,

Buy IR93 Ink Roller Whitly Bay,

IR93 Ink Roller Perth,

IR93 Ink Roller Norwich,

IR93 Ink Roller Southampton,

Buy IR93 Ink Roller Norwich,

IR93 Ink Roller Nottingham,

IR93 Ink Roller Brighton,

IR93 Ink Roller Bristol

Buy 9871IR Ink Roller Liverpool,

9871IR Ink Roller Southampton,

9871IR Ink Roller Blackpool,

9871IR Ink Roller London,