What is the size of thermal printer roll?

Question: What is the size of thermal printer roll?

Awswer: With the diverse range of thermal printers available, the sizes of thermal paper rolls also vary greatly. From 37x29mm taxi rolls to 80x100mm Kiosk printer rolls, there is a size for every type of thermal printer. This includes standard  credit card roll sizes such as 57x25mm, 57x30mm, 57x35mm, 57x40mm,  and cash register rolls 57x70mm, 80x70mm, as well as specialized sizes made for one-off printing machines.

This wide selection of sizes ensures that businesses can choose the perfect roll for their specific thermal printer and printing needs. Whether you're printing customer receipts, order confirmations, or credit card transactions, there is a thermal paper roll that fits the bill.

In conclusion, the variety of sizes available in thermal till rolls is vast and allows businesses to find the ideal size for their thermal printer. From standard sizes to specialized sizes, businesses can choose the right roll to meet their printing needs and provide their customers with a seamless, professional transaction experience.