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57x55mm Thermal Paper Rolls (40 roll box)

57x55mm Thermal Paper Rolls with Free Next Day Ireland Delivery ...

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57mm x 55mm Credit Card Paper Rolls (40 Roll Box) with " Free Next Day Ireland Delivery.


Discount Till Rolls only use "Epson / NCR / IBM / AXIOHM Approved Paper" to make our 57x55mm thermal receipt rolls & 57x55mm thermal paper rolls. By using only OEM approved 57x55mm thermal paper rolls you will protect the print heads on your printer from damage.  Replacing print heads on your cash register / printer can be nearly as expensive as buying a new machine. Cheaper thermal paper rolls will wear out the print heads faster and will leave dust to clog up your printer and damage your print heads and printer sensors. In these cases cheaper is not always better the only answer is - High Quality, Low Cost Thermal Till Rolls from Discount Till Rolls.


If you are not sure which Thermal Till Rolls you need Check out our Quick Find feature above. Or Skype Me™! , Ph: +353 (0)1 4433964 - UK Local Ph: +44 (0)20 8144 4475 and we will be more than happy to help you find what you require.


57x55mm Thermal Till Rolls suitable for the following printers:

Able Ap1310

Able Ap1310-Dc

Able Ap1310-Dp

Able Ap1310-Ir

Ascom Eft-10p

Axalto Magic6000

Axiohm A620

Barclays Tt41

Barclays Tt42

Brecknell 161

Brecknell 172

Casio Sec2000

Casio Sec300

Casio Ses2000

Casio Ses300

Casio Te100

Casio Te-2000

Casio Te-2400

Casio Te-3000

Casio Te-4000

Casio Te-4500

Casio Te-8000

Casio Te-8500

Casio Te-M80

Casio Tkt-200

thermal printer roll price,

Casio Tkt 500

Casio Tkt 5000


Fidelity Cr30t

Fortronic Tt41 Thermal

Fortronic Tt42 Thermal

Geller Sx 580

Geller Sx 680

Geller Sx 690

Geller Sx 850

Geller Tl 550

Geller Tx 500

Ingenico Tt41

Ingenico Tt42

Jcm Gold Gold

Olivetti Ecr 5500

Olivetti Ecr 5800

Olivetti Ecr 6700

Olivetti Ecr 6900

Samsung Cr- 100

Samsung Cr 120

Samsung Er 100

Samsung Er 120

Samsung Er 380m

Samsung Er 390m

till roll king,

Samsung Er 5200

Samsung Er 5200m

Samsung Er 5215

Samsung Er 5215m

Samsung Er 5240

Samsung Er 5240

Samsung Er 5240m

Samsung Er 550

Samsung Er 650

Samsung Er 7400

Samsung Sam4s Er 260

Samsung Stp 103

Schlumberger Magic 6000

Schlumberger Magic 6100

Sharp Up-600

Sharp Xe-A202

Sharp Xe-A203

Sharp Xe-A212

Sharp Xe-A213

Sharp Xe-A303

Thales Artema Desktop

Thales Artema Hybrid

Toshiba Fs-1535

Uniwell Px 5750

Uniwell Px 6700

Uniwell Px 6750,