Logic8 40cm Airlaid 4Fold White Napkin (500)

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Logic8 40cm Airlaid 4Fold White Dinner Premium Napkin 10x50 (500 per case)

For all your catering needs, we have a wide range of Dinner Napkins that are perfect for your hotels, restaurant or café and more. These linen like dinner napkins are a compostable napkin which makes them an environmentally friendly option. These embossed, extra soft napkins are made with with the finest linen like material making them a premium napkin option. These napkins are absorbent & soft to the touch and low in lint making them ideal for the eco-conscious consumer as they are recyclable and kind to the environment when disposed correctly.

 ✔  Our 40cm 2ply Dinner Linen Like Napkins are high quality

 ✔  4Fold

 ✔  100% Compostable

 ✔  Eco Friendly Napkin

 ✔  Fully Recyclable

 ✔  Kind to the environment when disposed correctly.

 ✔  10x50 (500 per pack)

 ✔   Bulk Discounts for pallet or mixed pallets

 ✔   Discounts for picking up from warehouse!

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