12oz White Matte Double Wall Cup (500 Cups)

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Explore Our 12oz White Matte Double Wall Cups

Are you in search of premium 12oz White Matte Double Wall Cups? Look no further! Our cups are the perfect choice for coffee shops, cafes, and takeaways.

The Perfect Cup for Hot Beverages (500 Cups)

Discover why our 12oz White Matte Double Wall Cups are the ideal solution for your hot beverage needs:

Leak-Proof Design

Our cups are engineered for perfection. With a leak-proof design, you can confidently serve hot drinks without worrying about spills or accidents.

Brand-Friendly Appearance

The plain white surface of these 12oz cups provides a blank canvas for personalization. Add customer names and your branding to create a unique and memorable experience.

Enjoy Temperature Control

Thanks to their double-wall construction, your hot drinks will stay hot, while the outer surface remains comfortably cool to the touch. No need for additional cup sleeves or doubling up.

Eco-Friendly Choice

We're committed to sustainability. These cups are not just practical; they're also recyclable, reducing their impact on the environment.

Unlock the Benefits of Our 12oz White Matte Double Wall Cups

Choosing our 12oz White Matte Double Wall Cups goes beyond convenience; it's about enhancing your hot beverage service in multiple ways:

1. Reliability: With a leak-proof design, these cups ensure your hot drinks are served without any mess or discomfort, making them perfect for busy cafes and coffee shops.

2. Brand Enhancement: The plain white canvas of these cups is your opportunity to shine. Add your unique branding and customer names effortlessly, creating a memorable experience.

3. Temperature Control: Say goodbye to burnt fingers. Thanks to their double-wall construction, these cups keep your drinks hot and your hands comfortably cool.

4. Eco-Friendly Solution: Being recyclable, these cups reduce your environmental footprint while providing a superior hot beverage experience.

5. Cost-Effective: Sold in packs of 500, these cups offer long-lasting value, ensuring you're well-equipped for ongoing service.

Elevate Your Hot Beverage Service Today!

Experience the difference our 12oz White Matte Double Wall Cups can make. Elevate your hot beverage service with reliability, brand enhancement, temperature control, eco-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. Order now and take your coffee shop or cafe to the next level!

Lids Sold Seperatly here White - Black
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 ✔   Our 12oz White Matte Double Wall Cups are perfect for serving hot beverages such as coffee and tea.

    The leak-proof design ensures that your hot drinks stay hot and your hands stay cool.

 ✔   These cups are ideal for coffee shops, cafes, and the takeaway industry.

    Durable and sturdy construction makes them perfect for everyday use.

 ✔   The sleek white matte finish adds a professional touch to any setting.

    Order now and take advantage of our FREE Ireland Delivery!

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