80mm Greenspirit Bagasse Hot Cup Lids (8oz) ((20x50)

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Sustainable 80mm 8oz Compostable Coffee Cup Lids: Eco-Friendly Choice 20x50 (1000 Lids)

Environmentally Responsible Lid Solution

Introducing our 80mm 8oz Compostable Coffee Cup Lids, designed with sustainability in mind. In each case, you'll find 20x50 lids, totaling 1000 lids per case, ensuring your commitment to eco-friendliness.

A Greener Alternative

Show your dedication to the environment with our compostable coffee cup lids. Crafted from sugarcane bagasse, a renewable resource derived from the sugarcane plant's waste fibers, these lids are certified 100% compostable.

Plastic-Free and Biodegradable

Our lids are entirely free of plastic coatings, making them an ideal choice for serving both hot and cold beverages. When disposed of correctly, they leave no lasting environmental impact. Say goodbye to traditional plastic lids and embrace 100 percent biodegradable, home compostable solutions.

Unlock the Benefits of Our 80mm 8oz Compostable Coffee Cup Lids

Experience the advantages that come with choosing our eco-friendly coffee cup lids:

1. Sustainability: By opting for our 80mm 8oz Compostable Coffee Cup Lids, you're making a sustainable choice that reduces your environmental footprint and contributes to a greener planet.

2. Versatility: These lids are perfect for both hot and cold beverages, ensuring they cater to all your customers' drink preferences.

3. Quality Assurance: Crafted from sugarcane bagasse, a renewable and biodegradable resource, our lids are free from harmful plastics and coatings, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable drinking experience.

4. Convenience: With 1000 lids per case and Free Ireland Delivery, you can stock up easily and enjoy the convenience of having eco-friendly lids readily available.

5. Eco-conscious Branding: Show your customers that you prioritize sustainability and the environment, enhancing your brand's image and reputation.

Make a Sustainable Choice Today!

Join the eco-conscious movement by choosing our 80mm 8oz Compostable Coffee Cup Lids. Opt for sustainability without compromising on quality. Reduce plastic waste and contribute to a greener planet. Plus, enjoy Free Ireland Delivery for this product. Make the sustainable choice today!

 ✔   Fits 10oz Cups.

 ✔   10x100 - 1000 per pack

 ✔   100% Home Compostable

 ✔   100% Biodegradable

 ✔   100% Plastic Free.

 ✔   Recyclable & Repulpable

 ✔   Microwave Safe

 ✔   Free Delivery with this product!

Eco Friendly Microwavable Recyclable Compostable 

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