8oz Spiritpak Soup Container (500 Per Case)

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8oz Soup Container 20x25 (500 per case)

 ✔  Our 8oz soup containers are best used for storing all your soups, foods, and items that need to be kept piping hot. A special curling design is a perfect solution for anti-leaking during food delivery. It is made with a top-quality heavy-duty coated board.

These 8oz soup cups are made from high quality material and are easy to open and close. They have a vented lid (Note: lids not included, sold separately) that prevents your soup from spilling out and keeps it hot for longer. This will help you save on energy costs as well as reduce food waste when you take your soup to work or school in these 8oz soup containers instead of using disposable plastic bags or paper cups which would be thrown away after one use only!. In addition, this case of 500 containers is perfect for serving soups, pasta, noodles, and rice dishes. FREE DELIVERY with his product.!

 ✔  Sturdy Paper Board

 ✔  Capacity 8oz (340ml)

 ✔  Size: 85(H) x 90(W)mm

 ✔  Recyclable if free from soiling

 ✔  Kind to the environment when disposed correctly

 ✔   500 per case

 ✔   Bulk Discounts for pallet or mixed pallets



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