PET Lid for 770cc Oval Tall Pulp Bowl

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PET Lid for 770cc Oval Tall Pulp Bowl

Recyclable PET Lid for Compostable Oval Tall Pulp Bowls

Our 770cc Lid is the perfect fit for our 770cc compostable oval tall pulp bowls. These PET lids are fully recyclable, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for food service businesses. Packaged in 6x50 lids, they are compatible with our 770cc Compostable Oval Tall Pulp Bowl CT26OVPU.

Reduce Waste with Recyclable PET Lids

Our recyclable PET lids are designed to fit perfectly with our compostable oval tall pulp bowls, providing a secure and convenient solution for food service businesses. By using these lids, you can reduce waste and promote sustainability while maintaining the quality of your food products.

Order now and reduce your environmental impact with our recyclable PET lids for compostable oval tall pulp bowls.

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