12oz Bagasse Compostable Bowl 20x50

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12oz Bagasse Compostable Bowl 20×50 (1000 Bowls per case)

Reduce Waste with Our Eco-Friendly 12oz (340ml) Bagasse Compostable Bowls

Choose our Biodegradable Bagasse 12oz bowls to minimize waste in your catering setting. Made from sugarcane pulp, these bowls are 100% biodegradable and compostable, breaking down in just 30-60 days.

Compostable and Microwavable

Our Bagasse bowls are designed to be commercially composted along with food waste after use, diverting it from landfills and transforming it into nutrient-rich compost for plant growth. Additionally, these bowls are microwavable up to 110°C for 2 minutes, providing convenience and versatility.

Sustainable Sourcing for a Greener Earth

By choosing the Bagasse range, you opt for sustainably sourced sugarcane-based material that is kinder to the environment and its resources. Even if composting is not feasible, these bowls still contribute to minimizing your environmental impact.

Composable, Disposable, and Eco-Friendly

Join us in embracing sustainability with our composable, disposable, and eco-friendly 12oz Bagasse bowls. Take action now to reduce waste and make a positive difference for the planet!

This product is available in various sizes inncluding

 ✔  Eco Friendly

 ✔  Great Rigidity at a lower weight

 ✔  100% Recyclable

 ✔  100% Compostable

 ✔  Microwavable Safe

 ✔  Freezer Safe

 ✔  Kind to the environment when disposed correctly

 ✔  SIZE: 12oz (340ml)

 ✔  1000 Bowls per case

 ✔  Stackable to help save space

 ✔  FREE Delivery!

Eco Friendly Microwavable Recyclable Compostable

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