34oz Black 3-Compartment Microwaveable Containers Lids (8x40) (320 Per Case)

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34oz 3Compartment Microwavable Container Lid (320 Per Case)

This lid is designed to fit the 34 oz black one-compartment microwaveable container base. Made of PP (polypropylene), the color is transparent and translucent. The lid is 255mm long, 189mm wide and 20mm high. It is refrigerator and freezer safe and withstands temperatures from -5 degrees Celsius to +80 degrees Celsius. The lid is slightly curved for air flow and is perfect for reheating in the microwave. The tight seal prevents the container from leaking and is recyclable and reusable. Case contains 320 lids FREE DELIVERY with his product.!

 ✔   Fits the 34oz 3 Compartment Black Microwavable Container Bases perfectly

 ✔   Made of recyclable polypropylene material

 ✔   320 per case

 ✔   Domed design allows for ventilation during microwaving

 ✔   Dimensions: 255(L) x 189(W) x 20(H)mm

 ✔   Clear translucent color

 ✔   Safe for use in, refrigerator, and freezer (temperatures between -5 to +80 degrees centigrade)

 ✔   Clear translucent color

 ✔   Tight fitting lid ensures leak proof seal

 ✔   Can be recycled and reused multiple times

 ✔   Bulk Discounts for pallet or mixed pallets

 ✔   FREE DELIVERY with this product!


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