Octoboxes Hinged Salad Container 375cc (300)

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Octoboxes Salad Hinged Containers 500cc

Looking for an affordable and practical food-to-go solution that doesn't compromise on style? Look no further than these Hinged Salad deli containers.

Key Features

Featuring a hinged-lid fit that creates an effective seal, these 375cc containers are perfect for preventing leaks and preserving the freshness of your food. The design also allows for easy stacking, making them an efficient space-saver in your kitchen.

But it's not just about functionality - these containers also feature a sleek design that's sure to enhance the presentation of your salads, pastas, and other deli goods. Plus, the clamshell lid provides a secure seal to prevent spills and maintain food freshness, making them the perfect choice for on-the-go meals.

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Use these disposable clamshell recycled plastic salad containers to showcase your dishes in an attractive way and make portions look bigger. Ideal for deli bars, cafes, takeaways, supermarkets, and coffee shops, these containers are a great choice for any food service establishment looking to improve its presentation and increase sales.

So why wait? Try these Octoboxes Hinged Salad Container deli containers today and experience the perfect combination of style, functionality, and affordability!


 ✔   300 per case

 ✔   Made from recycled plastic

 ✔   Attractive design enhances presentation of food and increases portion size appearance

 ✔   Hinged lid creates effective seal to prevent leaks and preserve freshness

 ✔   Suitable for a variety of dishes such as salads, pastas, and fruit salads

 ✔   Convenient for "to-go" and on-the-go meals

 ✔   Durable for transport and handling

 ✔   Clear translucent color

 ✔   Tight fitting lid ensures leak proof seal

 ✔   Bulk Discounts for pallet or mixed pallets

 ✔   FREE DELIVERY with this product!

Eco Friendly and Recycable Product


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