Hi Grade Black Refuse Sacks 26 x 44 - (200)

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Strong and Durable 26 x 44 Hi Grade Black Refuse Sacks (200)

These 26 x 44 Hi Grade Black Refuse Sacks offer exceptional strength and durability, ensuring reliable waste containment. They are tear and puncture resistant, designed for heavy-duty use and are fully recyclable.

Engineered for Sturdiness and Sustainability

Crafted with care, these refuse sacks boast 40 micron/160 gauge thickness, capable of holding up to 20kg of waste. Composed of 100% recyclable materials, they align with eco-friendly practices, reducing environmental impact.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient Waste Management

Each pack includes 8 rolls, containing 25 bags in each roll, totaling 200 bags. These Hi Grade Black Refuse Sacks are tailor-made for heavy-duty applications, suitable for both professional kitchens and general bin areas. Their versatility and sturdiness make them a reliable choice.

A Greener Solution for Various Waste Types

With remarkable strength and tear-resistance, these refuse sacks are equipped to handle diverse forms of waste. From cleaves to rips, they offer superior containment. This makes them a smart, safe, and cost-effective solution, ideal for everyday and general use.

Make a Sustainable Choice

Opt for these Hi Grade Black Refuse Sacks to efficiently manage waste while promoting sustainability. Their robust build ensures optimal waste containment, and their eco-friendly nature contributes to a greener environment. Order now for a more responsible waste management solution.

Order today and experience the convenience of eco-friendly waste management!

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