Logic8 Food Grade Blue Centrefeed Rolls 180mm x 120m (6 Rolls)

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Logic8 Food Grade Blue Centrefeed Rolls 120m (6 Rolls) Free Ireland Delivery!

If you are looking for the best food grade centrefeed rolls, this is it. The Logic8 Blue Centrefeed Rolls are a 2 ply premium quality industrial cleaning paper. They are food grade certified so they're approved for use in food preparation areas. This means that they will not contaminate products, or affect the taste or look of your food.
Our Blue Centrefeed Rolls are of superior quality to cheaper rolls in the market. With an increased absorption capacity and improved durability, (holds 20% more liquid than flat blue rolls) the Logic8 Blue Centrefeed Rolls will quickly become your go to choice for all general cleaning tasks. These Rolls are Quality, Tough, Solid Rolls that will mop up any spill. FREE DELIVERY!

 ✔  Logic8 Blue Centrefeed Rolls are high quality 2 ply tissue paper

 ✔  Eco Friendly Blue Centrefeed Rolls are ultra tough food grade certified.

 ✔  Extra long at 120m.

 ✔  Food grade certified.

 ✔   Size: 180mm x 120 metres

 ✔  6 per pack



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