Spirit Poly Gloves Medium Clear Embossed PE 100x100 (10,000)

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Poly Clear Medium Embossed PE Glove 100x100 (10k)


Our Poly Clear Medium Embossed PE Gloves are a reliable and cost-effective solution for your deli needs and more! These disposable gloves come in medium and large sizes, offering versatility and convenience for your business.


Our gloves are powder-free, have an embossed texture, and provide a secure grip while ensuring a comfortable fit for extended use. With 100×100 quantity, these gloves are an essential addition to your workspace.


These gloves offer exceptional protection against cross-contamination, dirt, and potential irritants, making them a reliable choice for handling food safely. Our Poly Clear Medium Embossed PE Gloves are the ultimate tool to safeguard your business and customers from the dangers of unsafe and unhygienic food handling. Moreover, our gloves are designed to be disposable, reducing the risk of bacteria being spread and promoting a safe and hygienic environment for your staff and guests.

Clear Design

Our clear gloves are specially designed to be used on either hand, ensuring that every member of your team can use them comfortably.

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Investing in our Poly Clear Large Embossed PE Gloves is a smart choice for any business that values hygiene, safety, and convenience. Get in touch today to place your order and ensure a safe and hygienic environment for your staff and customers!

These gloves also come in Large

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 ✔  Clear Medium Embossed PE Glove

 ✔  Ideal for deli's, cafes, restaurants, takeaways and so much more 

 ✔  Single Use Disposable Gloves reduces bacteria transfer and cross contamination

 ✔  100 Per Box

 ✔  100 Boxes per Case



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