Standard Chicken Bag 175x230x300mm

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Keep Food Fresh with Our Standard Chicken Bags 175x230x300mm (500 Bags)

The Ideal Packaging for Fresh and Hot Food

Our Standard Chicken Bags 175x230x300mm are the perfect solution for keeping your food fresh and hot for longer. Whether you run a café, deli, takeaway, or any other food service business, these bags are a must-have.

Greaseproof Lined Paper Bags - Say Goodbye to Grease and Oil Leaks

Our greaseproof lined paper bags are the go-to option for takeaway food. They prevent oil and grease from leaking, making them a popular choice for cooked chickens, burgers, chips, sausage rolls, pies, and many more options.

Hot Chicken Bags - Perfect for Portions or Whole Chickens

Our Hot Chicken Foil Bags are the ideal packaging for both portions and whole chickens. They are designed to keep your chicken hot and juicy, so your customers can enjoy a delicious meal every time.

These Chicken Bags are

 ✔  Size: 175x230x300mm

 ✔  500 Bags per case

 ✔  FREE Delivery



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