2QT Brown Kraft Bags 10x12" (280 Bags)

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Sustainable 2QT Brown Kraft Bags (10x12") - Eco-Friendly Packaging Choice (280 Bags)

Welcome to our sustainable packaging solution: 2QT Brown Kraft Bags (10x12"). Crafted with environmental responsibility in mind, these recyclable bags are perfect for various food businesses, including coffee shops, carry-out restaurants, food producers, event caterers, and festival vendors.

Key Features and Benefits

Let's explore the outstanding features and benefits that make our Brown Kraft Bags a top choice:

  1. Eco-Friendly Materials: Crafted from 100% recyclable materials, these bags align with your commitment to sustainable packaging choices.

  2. Versatile Usage: These bags are tailored to accommodate various food types, making them ideal for a range of businesses, from coffee shops to festival stalls.

  3. Ample Capacity: With a generous 2QT capacity, they can hold a wide variety of culinary delights, ensuring customer satisfaction.

  4. Eco-Conscious Branding: By choosing these bags, you not only benefit the environment but also showcase your brand as eco-friendly and responsible.

  5. Free Ireland Delivery: As an added convenience, this product comes with Free Ireland Delivery, making it a cost-effective choice for your business.

Unmatched Benefits of Our 2QT Brown Kraft Bags

Here are the outstanding benefits you'll experience when you choose our 2QT Brown Kraft Bags for your packaging needs:

  1. Sustainability Leadership: Opt for sustainability and showcase your brand as a responsible choice. Our recyclable bags align with your eco-conscious values.

  2. Versatile Packaging: From hot to cold food items, these bags handle it all with ease. They're the perfect choice for businesses serving a diverse range of products.

  3. Cost-Effective Solutions: Save on packaging costs without compromising on quality. These reliable bags are an affordable yet eco-friendly option for businesses of all sizes.

  4. Customer Satisfaction: The durability and capacity of our bags ensure customer satisfaction. Your customers' orders will remain secure and fresh during transport.

  5. Time-Saving Convenience: Streamline your packaging process with these easy-to-use bags. Spend less time on packaging and more time serving your valued customers.

Embrace Sustainability with 2QT Brown Kraft Bags

Make a sustainable choice for your packaging needs! Elevate your brand, reduce your environmental impact, and provide customers with eco-conscious packaging. Opt for our 2QT Brown Kraft Bags (10x12") and contribute to a greener future for your business and the planet.

Ready to take the eco-conscious step? Order now and make a positive impact!


These Kraft Bags are

 ✔  Eco Friendly

 ✔  Recyclable

 ✔  Kind to the environment when disposed correctly

 ✔  Size: 10 x 12"

 ✔  280 per case

 ✔  Delivery €4.95

 Eco Friendly Material -

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