Bookmakers Umbrella Red/Green

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Racecourse Bookmakers Green/Red Umbrellas

This Racecourse Bookmakers Green/Red Umbrella is a high-quality, durable umbrella that has been specially designed for bookmakers working at racecourses. It features 10 extra strong steel ribs, which provide added stability and wind resistance compared to standard umbrellas that only have 8 ribs. This makes it less likely to bend or blow inside out in high winds, which can damage the umbrella and shorten its lifespan.

In addition to its strong and durable design, the Racecourse Bookmakers Green/Red Umbrella can also be customized with your own design or logo on either 5 or 10 panels. This allows you to add your own personal touch to the umbrella, or promote your brand at racecourses. Simply select the desired number of panels from the drop-down menu when placing your order.

Overall, this Bookmakers Mush (umbrella) is an excellent choice for bookmakers working at racecourses, offering reliable protection from the elements, as well as the ability to customize it to your own personal or professional preferences. So, it is a perfect umbrella for bookmakers. *Shades of colour may vary from image shown.


Diameter when Open: 170cm (5' 7" )

Pole length: 144cm (4' 7.2")

With this umbrella we have created a new standard for bookmakers umbrellas on every racecourse in Ireland & now in the UK.

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