An account on Credit card rolls
discounttillrolls team - 16/05/2015

This article is focusing on the CC paper rolls, its uses and things which people should keep in mind while selecting one. So, all those who are interested in knowing about it, just read the writing which descends....

Understanding the concept, benefits and uses of thermal till rolls
discounttillrolls team - 27/02/2015

Discount Till Rolls is Ireland's leading supplier of till rolls, thermal rolls, credit card rolls, none thermal paper till rolls and PDQ rolls.

Where Can You Get Quality ERC Ink Ribbons?
discounttillrolls team - 21/01/2015

In contemporary world, all companies across different lines of businesses make extensive use of computers and other hardware accessories like printers in their day-to-day business. As is understood that it is a...

It’s A Benefit To Your Business- Cash Drawers
discounttillrolls team - 08/10/2014

On the off chance that you have a store or another business where a ton of money transactions happen, cash drawers are truly required. When we are remaining in a line at a store, we anticipate that they will serve us...

discounttillrolls team - 22/09/2014

The measure of things one can do with a charge card or a plastic once a day is fantastic. The reason being is that portable Visa machines have adjusted the basic items like credit card machine papers into something...

What is Thermal Paper ?
discounttillrolls team - 22/08/2014

Thermal paper is a special paper that is coated with  chemicals  (Normally a Bisphenol compound,  BPA , BPC or BPS) and developers which are heat sensitive & change colour when exposed to heat from...

Recycle Tally Rolls and Save The Environment
discounttillrolls team - 13/08/2014

Recycle Tally Rolls and Save The Environment If the clients start browsing through the internet, they will come across different types of rolls, which can fall under the cash register / EPOS segment. One such...