37x39 Digitax F3 Taxi Meter Rolls (50 Roll Box)

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57x40mm Credit Card Paper Rolls with Free Next Day Ireland Delivery ... www.DiscountTillRolls.ie
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Digitax F3 Taxi Receipt Rolls (50 Rolls) with Free Ireland Delivery!

Enhance your taxi printing experience with our Digitax F3 Taxi receipt rolls! Designed specifically for use with the Digitax F3 taxi printer, these thermal rolls are crafted with OEM-approved thermal paper and optimized to provide the highest level of protection for your printer's print heads.

Prevent Fading and Ensure Clarity

Say goodbye to faded and unreadable receipts. Our Digitax F3 rolls are engineered to prevent fading, ensuring that your taxi receipts are crystal clear and legible.

Optimal Roll Sizing

Our rolls are precisely sized at 37x39mm to fit perfectly in your Digitax F3 printer, ensuring that each roll is used to its full potential.

Protect Your Printer

Say goodbye to damage and repairs. Our Digitax F3 taxi receipt rolls are designed to prevent damage to your printer, ensuring that it remains in top working condition.

Convenient Package Options

Each box of these high-quality taxi receipt rolls contains 50 rolls, providing ample supply for all your printing needs. Plus, enjoy free next-day delivery within Ireland with each purchase.

Experience the best in taxi receipt printing with our Digitax F3 taxi rolls!

We do our best to match the correct rolls for all the taxi meters,  but to double check please use diagram  to measure your rolls.

Not sure which rolls to order

Ph: +353 (0)1 443 3964


Never pull the paper manually! Always use keys and !
To increase the product life of the printing unit, you should only use high quality paper.

Insert paper

If there are rough edges at the beginning of the paper, cut them off. Push the plain cut beginning of the paper into the paper slot as far
as possible (on the top side of the printer). Feed the paper with the key until you can see it at the front of the printer. Then the paper is fed correctly.

We do our best to match the correct rolls for all the taxi meters,  but to double check please use diagram  to measure your rolls

 how to measure taxi receipt rolls


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