102x127mm- D/T Labels Z-Select 2000D - 800264-505

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Zebra Z-Select 2000D 800264-505. For use with Desktop Printers. (565 Labels per roll.) Free UK & Ireland Delivery

A bright white direct thermal paper label stock for printing high-contrast, black, visible light images in cold temperature applications. It has a special acrylic-based cold temperature adhesive that survives at temperatures as low as -65º F and applied at temperatures as low as -20º F.

Ideal for use with freezer-grade materials. Not recommended for use when exposed to sunlight or when exposed to extreme high temperatures.


Description 102 x 127 mm blank white direct thermal label
Supplier Zebra
Label Details
Label Type

Direct Thermal

Core Size
Material Plain Paper (standard)
Colour White
Adhesive Permanent Adhesive
Temperature Normal
Packaging Details
Packaging Type Labels (roll, thermal printers)
Backing Width 105 mm (4.13")
Perforation Between Labels N
Sensing Method Gap
Length Of Roll 74 meters
Shipping Details
Weight Per Roll 1230 g
Rolls Per Box 12
Boxes Per Bulk 10


102x127mm Zebra Direct Thermal Labels | 800264-505 ... www.DiscountTillRolls.ie

565 Labels per Roll