9oz Chill Cold Paper Cup PE (270ml) (1000 Cups)

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9oz Chill Cold Paper Cup PE (270ml) 20x50 (1000 Cups)

Our 9oz Chill Cold PE Paper Cups are vibrant and eye-catching in design. Perfect for slush puppies, milkshakes, juices, soft drinks , ice cream and more! Great for keeping your drink icy cool at an outdoor event or party, these cups are the perfect choice. Our cool paper cups are made from a tough quality material that is safe for use with food products. Free Delivery with this product!

 ✔  Capcity 9oz (270ml)

 ✔  Great Rigidity at a lower weight

   20x50 (1000 Cups per Case)

 ✔  Free Delivery with this product!


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