Logic8 Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper Rolls 3" Core (12 Rolls)

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Logic8 Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper Rolls 3" Core 150m long (12 Rolls)

The Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper rolls are a premium quality toilet tissue. These mini jumbo rolls provide a long-lasting and economical solution to your bathroom needs. Soft, strong and absorbent. Made from 100% cellulose, these paper products are Laminated Embossed providing a softer but stronger sheet.. The Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll is available in 2-ply white. This product is a personal care product and should be used as such..These toilet rolls are 150m long. FREE DELIVERY!

 ✔  Logic8 Jumbo Toilet Paper rolls are premium quality toilet tissue paper

 ✔  Soft, strong and absorbent

 ✔  Extra long at 150m.

 ✔  Core Size: 3".

 ✔  12 per pack

 ✔  FREE DELIVERY with this product!


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