Datalogic Touch 90 Light

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Datalogic Touch 90 Lite, Black, USB Interface Barcode Scanner

General Purpose Corded Handheld Contact Linear Imager Barcode Scanner 90120124

The Datalogic Touch65/90 Light barcode scanners are ideal for most common retail and office automation needs, providing excellent reading performance and outstanding reliability with a very competitive price, making it the ideal entry-level solution in the AIDC market. The Touch65/90 Light offers the most popular interfaces in separate models and now has 4 models available (65 mm and 90 mm reading window) respectively with 2 sets of interfaces, each of them supporting the standard Datalogic Scanning cables:

  • Touch65 USB
  • Touch65 Wedge and RS-232
  • Touch90 USB
  • Touch90 Wedge and RS-232

The Touch90 Light also provides new enhanced architecture that guarantees a scan rate of 256 scans/sec, providing an unmatched first pass read rate. All these features make the Touch65/90 Light ideal for the most common retail and office automation needs.

Small, lightweight and low on energy consumption, the Touch TD1100 readers continue to provide robustness and a 1.5 m / 5.0 ft drop resistance, which is typically included in a higher range of products.

The Touch readers are available with the option of two different sizes of reading windows: 6.5 cm / 2.6 in (Touch 65) or 9.0 cm / 3.5 in (Touch 90), which benefits the user when reading standard or wide bar codes.

The Touch TD1100 65/90 Pro readers provide a complete all-in-one multi-interface solution, including RS-232, USB and Keyboard Wedge and Wand Emulation, while the Touch 65/90 Lite readers provide USB or RS-232/Keyboard Wedge interfaces.

An innovative ‘read-thru’ holder provides the Touch TD1100 readers with hands-free reading capability on documents or small items.


  • Wide reading windows: 6.5 cm / 2.6 in and 9.0 cm /3.5 in
  • Excellent reading performance on damaged or poorly printed bar codes
  • Interface options: USB or Keyboard Wedge / RS-232 (Touch 65/90 Lite); USB / RS-232 / Keyboard Wedge / Wand Emulation (Touch 65/90 Pro)
  • Supports GS1 DataBar™ linear codes
  • Compact and innovative ‘read-thru’ holder for hands-free reading capability

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